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Social Media Marketing


Just What Is This Social Media Marketing All About?

Hopefully you are asking yourself,

“What is Social Media, Why do I need It and Can it really help my business grow?”

Let’s start out by me asking you a few questions on Social Media.

Ever wish you were a fly on the wall when it comes to your customers and prospective customers?

What if …you could address a complaint in real time, resolve it and not only renew your customers faith in you, but enhance your reputation with thousands of viewers?

What if …you could reach out to thousands of prospective customers in a single text message and convert a slow day into a banner one?

What if … the power of word of mouth advertising was an instant chain reaction creating buzz about your company?

What if…you received a glowing review, recommendation, referral or testimonial that thousands of consumer saw instantly?

What if…you could target an ad to a consumer who needs exactly what you sell at a fraction of the cost of regular advertising?

Who are the Social Media Consumers?

We, are social consumers and savvy. We no longer trust an advertisement as gospel but trust our friends advice, recommendations and experiences about your business, service or product. We expect you to be available where we communicate, online, Facebook, mobile text, smart phones, twitter and more. We’ve gone beyond 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 web marketing. We want instant gratification and instant response. We move in real time, why aren’t you here? Your competitor is.

Social Media Marketing is Word of Mouth Advertising on Steroids.

Social Media Marketing is becoming the most effective way to reach consumers to increase your market share. I could spew out stats about the millions of consumers who purchase and research before they buy online via the internet and smart phones. The numbers are a staggering magnitude too large to make real meaning out of but I will mention a few. YouTube is the second largest search engine to Google, there are over a billion users on Facebook and there were a total of 200 million Smartphone mobile devices distributed in the final quarter of 2013.

You need your business where your customers eyes are, and they are no longer on the yellow pages, newspaper, radio and local television channels.

Using a social media marketing manager to help create and generate buzz is a great way to begin to engage customers. Just having a website isn’t enough anymore and what did work to get you seen online no longer is as effective. Social media marketing helps you increase market share and reach consumers you may not ordinarily. It will drive traffic to your business, provide you with happy, repeat customers and keep the customers you have. How? When Social Media is done right, your customers are engaged. The personality of your company shines through and you build a like minded tribe of loyal followers. When using a social media marketing manager, a strategy should be developed that fits your goals and incremental growth. Use of video distribution, Facebook fanpages along with other popular social sites, mobile marketing capability, a website that displays correctly on mobile phones all need to be incorporated in todays advertising strategies and your Social Media Manager should have the ability to provide these services for you. Social Media by Proxy is offering a no cost 1 hour consultation to determine your company’s goals and what Social media programs are best to attain them.

Contact us today and let’s start building relationships through social media!